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Jazz as a Language: Jazz Theory & Improvisation

Inside this book you will find valuable tools to help you become a better improviser, you will get a:

  • Jazz style analysis chart
  • Chord substitution matrix
  • Soloing and improvisation concepts
  • Enclosure and embellishment concepts
  • Scale and chord chart
  • Jazz phrases for soloing

Jazz is like a language and to learn how to speak in that language you need to develop your vocabulary and learn the mechanics of constructing phrases, melodies and solos.

In this book and the ones that follow, I will be showing you how to speak the language of jazz effectively. I will also give you some context into how this language developed. This will help you to be able to use what you know in more specific performance situations

I started out playing my saxophone at jam sessions, small scale events and even on street corners. I was hungry to just play music and learn how to be the best musician I could be.

Learning to improvise is a life-long process and you never stop learning new things. That’s what makes it such a rewarding endeavor, it’s something you can get joy from your whole life.

Even if you’re just interested in playing for yourself or a small group of people, the information you’re going to get from this text will open you up to a new way of playing and expressing yourself.

– Dr. William E. Smith

ISBN-13: 978-1542951050

ISBN-10: 1542951054

BISAC: Music / Instruction & Study / Theory